Living with a disability can be difficult and transport in particular can be a challenge so it is vital that you or your loved one has the right equipment available.

At Vanquip Mobilities, our range of vehicle modifications can bring a new level of access and freedom, alleviating some of these challenges associated with everyday living.  With over 18 years experience, we have developed a range of products and services to cater for the needs of disabled individuals and related organisations here in WA, promoting independence and overall improvement in quality of life.

Our Vision

To create vehicle modification solutions that help bridge the gap between individuals affected with disability and a quality of life and independence.

Our Mission

We continually aspire to enhance human potential by providing state of the art products and solutions to promote mobility, engagement and inclusion to individuals affected by disability.  Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of vehicle modification services in Western Australia and we work very closely with therapists and key client organisations to ensure you received the best options. 

Our Clients

Working with organisations big and small, Vanquip Mobilities has provided mobility solutions to ILC, Nulsen, MS Society and many other client groups.  Clients also include government bodies and private individuals with mobility solutions here in WA. Over the years we have worked with:

  • Hospitals
  • Non- Profit Organizations
  • Government Disabled Agencies
  • Transport Providers (taxi and bus companies)
  • Retirement Homes
  • Aged Care Providers
  • City Councils
  • Funeral Homes
  • Private Clients

Why use our services?

Most of our clients are long standing customers who seek the top quality products, industry expertise we provide and appreciate our unmatched customer service.

It is easy to see why we are the first choice in mobility vehicle modification!

  • Almost any vehicle can be modified
  • Our 'Can Do' attitude results in customer focused solutions
  • Our transparent pricing offers an extensive range of quality products and ongoing service
  • Our ‘One stop shop’ will supply, install, custom make and certify where applicable